RJ's Place

We are proud to announce the new Flagship RJ’s Place located at 3150 North San Fernando Road in Los Angeles. The spacious facility is housed inside the Goodwill Enrichment Center. RJ’s Place features a sensory room, family study area, a spacious conference/classroom, consultation rooms. The reception area features a 10×5 foot tank specifically designed for individuals with sensory sensitivities.

 RJ’s Place Vocational Training and Parkinson’s Support Center is dedicated to providing free access to families and individuals living with Parkinson’s Disease or autism. We provide wrap around services for the entire family which includes parents, siblings and caregivers. Our Main focus areas are vocational training and job placement. Health and wellness are core elements of our programs. We address health in a holistic way to incorporate mental, physical, nutritional and emotional.

The HollyRod Foundation also provides technology grants to organizations who share our mission. We have partnered with some of the most respected organizations in the country and Canada as RJ’s Place Partners.

Organizations and Locations include:

A Look Inside RJ's Place