HollyRod + Delivering Jobs Partnership

Building The Workforce of the Future

HollyRod Foundation is a proud to be partnering with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the SHRM Foundation and Delivering Jobs to bring awareness to the value people with autism, intellectual, and/or developmental differences bring to the workplace. According to SHRM research, of HR professionals and managers that are aware of which workers have disabilities in their organization, nearly all HR professionals (97%) and people managers (92%)say that employees with disabilities regularly perform the same or better than their peers without disabilities. By simultaneously motivating employers interested in this qualified labor force and engaging the public to advocate for inclusion, together we can build a more dynamic workforce in the United States. Join us in creating a workforce that recognizes that our greatest strengths lie in our differences.

Check out the PSAs below, for more information, visit DeliveringJobs.org

A PSA announcing Delivering Job’s partnership with the Society for Human Resource Management and The SHRM Foundation

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the 2020 Delivering Jobs, SHRM and SHRM Foundation PSA , as well as commentary as to why this campaign and partnership is so important